ELMFIRE- Eulerian Level Set Model of FIRE spread

ELMFIRE in action

ELMFIRE, the Eulerian Level set Model of FIRE spread, is open-source software Licensed under the Eclipse Public License - 2.0 (EPLv2). It is a wildland fire spread model that can be used to:

  • Forecast the spread of fires in real time.

  • Reconstruct the spread of historical fires.

  • Quantify landscape-scale fire behavior potential.

  • Estimate annual burn probability and fire severity.

Getting started

This section explains installation and configuration of ELMFIRE.


The best way to learn to use ELMFIRE is to use ELMFIRE. To that end, a series of tutorials is presented here, starting with very simple idealized cases and progressing to complex simulations involving real-world fuel and weather inputs.


After completing the tutorials above, it is recommended to work through the verification test cases below.


ELMFIRE is packaged with a series of command line microservices clients that provide access to fire perimeter data that can be used for model validation. Some examples are presented below.